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Command Higher Prices For Rust Jobs

Doug Rucker

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Command higher prices for your battery stain and rust jobs. Here is a typical sales track we use: 

Battery stain sales track
Selling Battery Stain Removal jobs: 

"Battery stains are unlike any other stain a homeowner could have. Battery stains are 31-50% sulfuric acid in concentration and even though concrete is alkaline, it does not have the power to neutralize those stains. So, the acid remains active for many years. 
Every time it gets wet, the water reactivates the acid, which dives it deep into the concrete and spreads on the surface. This is why you 
see the orange battery burn run down the concrete. EPA, stormwater compliance and regulatory officials consider these 
stains hazardous, corrosive, toxic and carcinogenic. Even when dry, the particles can be kicked up in to the air, leading to respiratory issues. It can also be tracked in the house, carpet, etc. (this is where I ask the homeowners if they have walked through it and then walked into their house... if they have, I will recommend to have their tiles and carpets cleaned). So, the active battery stains can eat through an entire 6" slab of concrete, promoting premature deterioration of the concrete slab, ultimate leading to a tear out and replace situation. Maximum fines for homeowners who have hazardous stains going into the storm drains can be up to $37,500 PER DAY.”

We can fully neutralize the battery stains, turning the sulfuric acid into sodium sulfate, which is basically as non toxic and benign as 
table salt. (You do this by putting down F9 Double Eagle Degreaser at 8:1, sometimes stronger). The stain will be put in check and never reactivate again or cause damage to your concrete unless you get more acid on it. 
White stains from the concentrated battery acid will remain, and you can normally get 85-95% of the remaining orange acid burn 
(realistically you'll get 99%). The concrete will be clean, bright and much newer looking.

1. Battery stains are hazardous, toxic, corrosive and carcinogenic. Battery acid is 31-50% sulfuric acid and extremely dangerous.

2. The battery acid stain must be neutralized immediately into a non-hazardous state (use F9 Double Eagle, 5:1 to 8:1). F9 DE turns Sulfuric Acid into Sodium Sulfate.

3. Water will reactivate the battery stain. You can burn your feet if you walk through it and you don’t want animals or kids playing in that area. If the battery stains are white and dry, the flakes can turn into dust and become airborne. This can be deadly for your health and cause lung damage.

4. If not neutralized these stains will continue to grow and expand, reaching deep into the slab and the orange may eventually drain into storm drains. This will compromise the strength of the concrete and could result in steep fines to the homeowner.

~ A simple PH test can help confirm the acidity, alkalinity or neutral PH of the concrete. You normally want to test the “white” part of the stain as this will be the most concentrated acidic area.

Selling regular rust removal and fertilizer rust stain removal jobs

1. Rust will damage and oxidize the surface it is formed on.

2. Rust will continue to harden over time and become more difficult to remove.

3. Other rust removers will etch the concrete, permanently removing the cream and leaving a “scar.”

4. The only other options to remove the rust (on concrete/hard surfaces) is to grind, sandblast, bead-blast, scarify, coat, or tear out and replace.

5. All these options result in damage or are more costly than hiring YOU.

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