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Difference In Groundskeeper and Double Eagle

Doug Rucker

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From Craig Harrison 


What’s the difference between F9 Double Eagle and F9 Groundskeeper?

Groundskeeper is a product to use if you don't have thick built up grease and oil, but you DO have oil stains just beneath the surface, dirt, tiremarks, shopping cart marks, light rust stains, coffee stains etc. this is a MAINTENANCE cleaner, which means accounts like Walmart, Costco, Drive Thru’s etc and anything with Industrial Strength Concrete- Stadiums, etc. this is not for residential concrete. F9 GK will get the concrete super clean, and that clean will last longer than if you used high pH cleaners. 

If you have thick oil, food grease and oils on top of the concrete surface, F9 Double Eagle is our "Double Purpose" Cleaner/Degreaser and Neutralizer. This is an excellent product to remove the thick and for concrete maintenance with an alkaline, high pH product. DE is also used to neutralize low pH products, like our F9 Efflorescence and Calcium Remover (F9 Efflo). For maintenance accounts where want to make the concrete "Pop" and keep them looking cleaner longer, use our low pH cleaner F9 Groundskeeper. For those types of accounts you could pretreat the thick stuff with Double Eagle, clean the oils down to the surface of the concrete, rinse off the oils, then use your F9 Groundskeeper over everything and surface clean. Dwell time is only a couple minutes and it doesn't matter if you use hot or cold water. Most guys try both products and see what works best for them. 

Groundskeeper pulls out caustics in the surface and subsurface levels and brings the surface pH back down closer to neutral. The chemical reaction of GK makes the concrete more white and has more of a hydrophobic action when stained. If it does become stained the stains release easier than when they are repeatedly cleaned with high pH cleaners. The problem with high pH cleaners is that they build up in/on the concrete and pull more dirt/dust/sand and grime into the surface. Even after cleaning, the concrete can have a dingy look to it but using high ph cleaners is definitely necessary for topical oily buildup. 

So basically, treat thick oils with DE first and clean them off. Rinse and while wet put down 10:1 GK or recommended dilution. Dwell 5 min and surface clean. OR, For maintenance cleaning sidewalks like Chic-Fil-A’s, wet with water and go 10:1 with F9 GK. Dwell 5 min and surface clean.

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