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Rust Removal

Doug Rucker

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I have been using F9 as my only rust remover ever since it came out. In fact I think I was one of the first to try it out. There is no better product for cleaning rust stains, that I have found, especially Fertilizer and Battery Acid stains, than BARC from Front9 restoration. We also use for irrigation rust stains, metal rust stains, and a host of other projects.Now take that, along with the outstanding support you get from Craig, (and not just in rust removal, but any hard surface restoration jobs) as he helps you to grow your business, and the outstanding wed placement you get through being an Authorized F9 applicator, there may not be a better investment for your existing or new business than getting set up with Craig. I know last year we did over 15K in revenue directly through customers finding us on the F9 web site, this year we are at just over 5K and it's only April, and we have had a very harsh winter.

Fertilizer season (Spring) is here, homeowners are fertilizing there yards and they are going to forget about blowing off the granules. Lazy lawn care employees will do the same, Get positioned to grab that business. You got be found and Craig will get you found.

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